Saturday, 18 September 2010


Why is it that people these days seem do be doing less of the things they planned out to do? Have we just become more accustomed to putting things off because of the ease that goes along with putting things aside? It's like so many things in life have lost their own significant value, all because of peoples lack of motivation, persistence and self adherence to the task they set out to do. And why is this? Well, most people just blame the 'delayed' approach to things because of their lives becoming more busier and they just dont have the time anymore. It's sad to think that some people are being held back in life because of first and foremost - work commitments, which seem to be more and more demanding for everyone these days, which is where the time consumption comes in. Then secondly, most people have other personal restrictions that hinder their chance of completing things, such as sickness and their psychological state, which definitely plays a distinct role in our individual response to certain situations. But for me, it's.........FEAR! The feeling of uncertainty and being scared of the outcome is what holds me back the most! I hate the feeling of not knowing how something's going to work out or what's going to happen. It scares me to think of everything i have missed out on because i've let something little, like fear, control what i've previously planned out to do. I wish fear didnt hold me back and make me the shy person i am. I want to live life with my fullest potential and not allow anything to stand my ground. If only life was much more simplified and risks weren't so oblivious and dangerous, then perhaps alot more people would be living life in the same fashion - Happy:)

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