Sunday, 1 May 2011


I'm writing my babygirl a book! It's definitely so lovely to listen to her read, it makes me proud of her hearing how good she is at it. :)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sharon ♥

Happiness isn't a feeling that i would say has occupied me for my entire life, well for the most part of it anyways. But in life, i've quickly learnt there are always changes that occur that can so easily alter how we've previously felt. For me, this change has been love! The simple, yet complex connection between two beings, two souls, but who share the same heart. People say love is the most universal feeling there is, but i beg to differ, this binding of love i share is the most personal and close thing i've ever dwelled myself into. In fact, it's the most beautiful thing i've ever known and to think, im blessed to be sharing this love with the most beautiful girl, well it definitely makes me happy! There is nothing whereby i could possibly compare this level of pure happiness with to which i feel now, due to the love that Sharon gives me! It's this kind of happiness that exalts my every breath, that makes me appreciate everything so much more. It's definitely the finer details in life that genuinely show the greatest strengths! It's the case for our love, something that started off so small but has now grown into the most significant thing in my life! It has whole-heartily changed who i am, that is, into a more loving and happy person! It's this new change of happiness that makes me want to do everything for Sharon! Because, i would not only live for her, but i would most certainly die for her. There is nothing now that stands in our way, for our love, will dominate anything and everything that tries to get in the way. Sharon is the first and only person i've fell in love with, a precious girlfriend who i want to spend eternity with is what makes me happy and i sure hope i make her happy too. Sure enough, one day, i know we will fly, fly together in life, through love, then into death...and to be honest, having the experience to share both ends of the start and beginning, is the biggest privilege i can think in life, for many dont get to share so much with an angel, such as Sharon herself. ♥