Thursday, 23 July 2009

Hurry up

Okay, i have this geography assignment thats due on like the 28th and i havent even started yet, ugh! Im really think im like the worst person at starting shit cuz i honestly can never be bothered and that goes for everything like im last to finish classwork off the board, the last one to finish my lunch and last one still laughing after a joke. I should really be more motivated when im doing things lol i proper lack any form of enthusiasm(N) Anyways, this fucking geography assignment has been torturing me for the past 5months, && yea i know what ur thinking 'you should be well finished if you've had it that long' but thats not me. i leave everything to the last minute and like i said before, last to finish everything. Grr its such a bad habit tbh.
Well carrying on, the assignment is like a case study on a local natural disaster, so i chose to do the floods, cuz we've already had like 3 this year lol im pretty sure thats probs what everyone is doing theres on but whatever. Im not allowed to have anyone help me which is shit cuz i dont know how to start it! i really should have seen my teacher about it, atleast he could have helped me ay.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Armidale - Day Two

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Well the second day at Armidale began perfectly! firstly i woke up at like 8am and washed my face, then ate breakfast. Mmm Nutrigrain:) After brekky Mum and i organised our shit and cleaned up the motel room a bit. So after packing our things we put our bags in the car and we were all set to go for our day out on the town(Y) But that ended up being a problem cuz the car had been covered in a layer of ice and wouldnt start, grr so shit and that left us stranded at the motel for like an hour while just waiting for the NRMA to come help us. It was like 9:30am before we could go anywhere lol mum hadda get a new battery for her car which cost $140. But despite that we were both in a relatively good mood and i suggested we go feed the kangaroos, so we drove out to the corner store and bought a loaf of bread and continued to drive out to the uni. When we got to the uni we went to the fence of the kangaroo enclosure but no kangaroos were willing to come over. so i threw a piece of bread over and one kangaroo managed to come over, aww it was so cute watching it hop along over and when it got close enough i saw that it had a joey in its pouch and i was like 'awwww' cuz it would have only been a couple of weeks old, anyways the kangaroo ate about 8 pieces of bread ay. I also had to feed these 2 ducks cuz they kept creeping up on me lmao. I went "Quack" and they both fluttered off into the lake. Next me and Mum went out to the mall, to go shopping again, where i only bought a top and headband from supre then had a quick squizz at a few other shops. Well it was reaching noon at this point and mum was real hesitant to leave to go back home shortly cuz she didnt want to drive down the mountain at night. But i asked if we could go to the park which was just near our motel and she was like 'yeaa, but not for long' so off we went to the park and i was like 'hooray' cuz the park was total mint and had heaps of swings and spinning things. i really wish i was like 7 again. Despite it being only 11degrees i swung on the swing for longer than i probs should have cuz after i stopped i was so dizzy tbh. but i still managed to just gaze at beauty which i call Armidale(Y) At 12:30 we left for home, with me driving, Yeww. I think we were like 15mins into the drive and i was busting for the toilet and course being in the middle of no-where there was no toilets so i was forced to stop on the side of the road and do a pee, but i think that was like the 5th time i did pee on the side of the road during my time away. anyways it was madd fun driving round the corners go well above 100km p/h. im pretty pleased with myself that i didnt crash. Tss! It was 2:30 when we stopped at a place called Dorrigo where we ate lunch. After eating mum continued with the driving and right near Dorrigo falls there was this massive car crash, the cops were there aswell. i hope everyone was alright ay:| Cuz its pretty dangerous the road heading down the mountain which is the reason mum didnt want me driving. Anyways we got home safely at 4:34pm && even though we didnt do much on out holiday i really had a great time just hanging out with my mum and enjoying her company, cuz i dont get alot of that and having her completely to myself for 2 days got me to appreciate her so much more and to be alot closer to her, which is the main point. We had alot of laughs together along the way and i hope me and my mum can share more moments like this together another time.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Armidale - Day One.

Well im in Armidale:) Which is like 4hours drive west from where i live in Toormina. My Mum and I left yesterday morning at 6am and got here at 10:30 && omg it was such a beautiful drive here ay but there was heaps of road kill along the way, which was not cool. We went straight to our motel and unpacked. Then drove out to the uni i wanna go to after school and when i saw it i was like 'yewww' cuz im total in love with it. There is just acres and acres of grassy hills and trees surrounding the uni and there is a paddock out back with like 40+ kangaroos. So after looking around at the uni we decided to go shopping but we had to park like a block away from the mall cuz the streets were full of cars. So yea, walking to the mall was so beautiful too cuz there was these girls who were like maybe 10 or 11 who were playing the violin and then this other boy playing the trumpet and i was like 'awww they are so good!! and when we got to the mall we went shopping lol basically in every store i reckon lol and all the people inside were all dead nice, which is good. & i found this heaps mint store called 'Ally' where i bought boots, leggings, a jumper and a dress from(L) Anyways, Armidale is only a country town so there isnt much to do in terms of entertainment or anything but just the surroundings are enough to satisfy you. In the afternoon we decided to go to the cemetery cuz mum wanted to go see her grandparents and that, it took us like half and hour to find their graves but once we did i felt such a sense of sadness with my mum and let me tell you shes not really a person to show her emotions. so that made me sad. I think we spent like an hour there altogether looking at all the graves of other people. After being at the cemetery we went for a drive to a place called Uralla which is like 20mins from Armidale and then drove back to the motel but we got total lost on the way so funny. I think it was like 5pm by this time and the sun had set and omg was it cold already, i was freezing so i decided to have a shower and im pretty sure i burnt my head with hot water. Then at like 6pm we went out for dinner at Wicklow's which had heating 'wooooo' so good. well there i ordered a chicken burger and when it came out i was like 'holy shit, its huge' but i managed to eat it all(Y) and throw down a McFlurry with it lmao. Then when we left and walked to the car some older guys were trying to hit on me and whistling at me. But yea, i was too tired to respond. We got back to the motel when it was like 7pm and went straight to bed and was probs asleep well before half past 7.