Monday, 15 June 2009


What is wrong with today's society? Everywhere i look there is something thats about sex. Like every magazine i see its top topics are about sex, these are on kids magazines aswell. Like yea, kids should know about it but this much exposer cant be good. Almost every movie and TV show has some aspect of sex in it. What ever happened to the days when sex was just a sacred and special thing between two married people? If you just type 'sex' into Google the first site that shows up is a full on porn site, one that anyone can access. I dont understand it! People should just have more respect for themselves instead of getting off on watching others having sex. Half the people that watch porn are probs pervs or old men who cant get any for themself. Oh, && child pornography!!! that is dead sick and really sad! I honestly think people could do other things with their spare time instead of trying to sell sex, watching porn and advertising sex to anyone. Its not on! seriously.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Beginning:)

Hey, I'm Shawny:) && im only new to blogging! Ive always wanted to have a blog though cuz i think its a great way to share how you're feeling or about whats going on in your life, just things like that yea. Im not much of a writer or anything, but i do have alot on my mind and im always thinking. So yea, for my first entry i just want to like introduce myself and write things about my life just so you can all get to know me. Well, to start off im from Australia. I love living here! The people and the atmosphere here is so friendly and everything's cool. I love going to the beach, ive tried to surf, but im not that good at it i must admit lol but its cool just to go there and swim and have fun. Ive grown up pretty quickly in life i think. My childhood wasnt the best one, i have been through so many things and seen so much that i dont wish for any other person to go through. but i think my past has made me such a stronger person today. which is a good thing, im hoping. I dont talk about my past much cuz things like that just get me down, and for now im just really interested in my future cuz things can only get better! Anyways Im in grade 11 at Toormina High, and ofcourse i want to go to university. im still deciding what course(s) i should do there. My brother is already at Uni down in Canberra (the capital of Australia) He's coming home to visit in like 2 weeks i think it is, which is just after his birthday. its too bad he cant be here for his 19th birthday. Me and him are really close, i miss him so much, he's my favourite person in the world! My friends mean everything to me aswell, like they get me through the days at school. We all have so much fun together hanging out, going shopping or just roaming the streets pretending to be terrorists(Y) I believe in God, but im not one of them religious people who are all like 'you have to believe in God and follow my faith or you will go to hell' cuz thats so unreasonable. i believe every person has the right to make the choice to believe in whatever they want and i wont pressure them into something different cuz thats not my business. Thats just a lil intro into my life:) Ciao.