Monday, 12 October 2009

Whats the big deal?

Why are people so concerned about the idea of Death? It has like become such a taboo subject these days, that no-one ever talks about anymore && i dont understand why!! Its like people just want to ignore it and think that they can avoid it or something, which is totally stupid. Its really like the only certain thing we have in our lives. Death is pretty much something we cant prevent, like sure we can delay our death when we are sick by getting treatment, but we arent really stopping someone from dying, but rather only prolonging it. ANDDDDDDDDDDD, i hate when people say they dont want to die. Like i understand its sad to think ur gonna be dead one day and cease to live, but i see it as the most peaceful and beautiful thing. Only when a person has died do we really look back and appreciate their life. Also, once you are dead there is no worrying, no hurt and pain or having any other feelings for that matter. In death, we are in a state where everything is out of our hands and there is nothing left for us to do. I know that we all have to die in order for new life to begin, its like the circle of life, we must die so life can start for something else. Im pretty sure life is much harder than death aswell, && i'd rather die then to be born and start life again. In life, we have to deal with so many problems and obstacles, but on the other hand life can be the most brilliant thing and give us so many things to enjoy. One thing i want people to take on aboard is that you shouldnt worry if you dont get to do or experience everything you want before you die, because once you are dead, there is no thinking and there is no worrying. You are DEAD and therefor doesnt matter because you cant think about anything. Anyways, i think its lucky to be able to experience death, because not everyone gets the chance to be born and live, so i am lucky to be able to live and then die.