Sunday, 19 September 2010


I dont understand why men are made out to be the dominate ones in relationships. I mean, that was acceptable back in the 18th century, but it's the 2000's now and it's completely unfair in todays 'modern' society where equality is something being widly introduced. Plus, we already have great unfairness in this world, with things such as poverty and famine tbh and this is something we can easily change so that both men and women, have equal shared status in the relationship. Honestly, to have things to work smoothly, you simply just can not have one person dominating over the other, that just causes controversy and disagreements. Men seem to think its alright to be in charge and push women around, it makes me sick to think of all the violence and mistreatment these women are facing at the hands of their 'men'. In hindsight, I think women are fully capable of doing 'a man's job' and we shouldn't be degraded because of our size or pre-existing stature in places such as the business world and economic industries. I hate to think that men automatically assume they are the ones in control of everything and that its in their primordial instincts to govern women around, because that's horrible. Men have no right to power over women and use their physical strength to dominate us. I just wish everything had justice in this world and it was possible to live without unruly pain and suffering.

Me gusta el quesooooo

I Like Cheese.


Saturday, 18 September 2010


Why is it that people these days seem do be doing less of the things they planned out to do? Have we just become more accustomed to putting things off because of the ease that goes along with putting things aside? It's like so many things in life have lost their own significant value, all because of peoples lack of motivation, persistence and self adherence to the task they set out to do. And why is this? Well, most people just blame the 'delayed' approach to things because of their lives becoming more busier and they just dont have the time anymore. It's sad to think that some people are being held back in life because of first and foremost - work commitments, which seem to be more and more demanding for everyone these days, which is where the time consumption comes in. Then secondly, most people have other personal restrictions that hinder their chance of completing things, such as sickness and their psychological state, which definitely plays a distinct role in our individual response to certain situations. But for me, it's.........FEAR! The feeling of uncertainty and being scared of the outcome is what holds me back the most! I hate the feeling of not knowing how something's going to work out or what's going to happen. It scares me to think of everything i have missed out on because i've let something little, like fear, control what i've previously planned out to do. I wish fear didnt hold me back and make me the shy person i am. I want to live life with my fullest potential and not allow anything to stand my ground. If only life was much more simplified and risks weren't so oblivious and dangerous, then perhaps alot more people would be living life in the same fashion - Happy:)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Sticks and Stones < / 3

The meaning behind the quote ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ has always pondered in my mind, like I’ve never really understood how that works. Cuz sure, people can hurt you physically and cause outward pain, but nine times out of ten this kind of pain heals. Then on the other scale we have words, things said to us that can cause inward, emotional pain which leads to the scaring of one’s self esteem, personality and ultimately alter who they are in general. In reality, it’s the words that we hear off other people that will hurt us the most in the long run, because it is these duelings forsaken upon us which are never easily passed aside and therefor, stay with us forever and its a matter of time until you have some sort of constant reminder that will bring you back to the pain you were once given. Is it wrong to teach such a quarreled and unjustified reason to not let words hurt you? just because you dont always see the pain on the inside, so you instantly presume that physical pain is worse. But in the end, both physical and emotional pain will hurt you, and its only you who can deal with it in whichever way you do! And perhaps, one over the other is harder for you to cope with, but i think its wrong to say words dont hurt, when they fucking do.