Friday, 13 November 2009


What's an ECG i hear you ask? Well it's basically just an acronyn Echocardiogram:) Ha, don't ya just love medical words lol so lovely tbh. Anyways, i had to go get one of these ECG's yesterday, which i was utterly terrified about cuz i didnt know what to expect or anything:S Ughh && ive been having such bad heart pains for the past few months that i decided that i better go to the doctors about it, so i did and she recommended i go to a cardiologist and get it proper checked out, which is what led me to get the ECG. Carrying on, i went to the Heart centre, which instantly made me feel more uncomfortable cuz i was seriously the youngest there, and probs by 50 years or so. I felt dead good Whoop! Not. Well i waited and waited in the waiting room for ages, and finally got called into the doctors room and the first thing she said was she was 'Okay, please have a seat Shawny and take ur clothes from the waist up completely off' and i was thinking 'i just met you woman, dont ya wanna ask how i am first or something' haha, but yea that didnt happen. Next i had to lay on the bed while she hooked me up to all these cords and shit lol then she put all this gel on my chest, which was dead cold! brr. That probs took her 5mins or so and while she was doing all that she was like asking me questions about what drinks i like, what pain i get and general things about school and that. She was really nice, but it was awkward talking to her while she was fiddling round with me being 1/2 naked as i was lol:D good times. When i was all ready, she sat at the computer next to me and started the ECG,which involves one of them imaging devices, idk what they are called lmao but they use them for ultra sounds in pregnant women. It was really cool seeing my heart working up on the screen with my valves moving and seeing my blood travel through my heart,i was like 'Yay im alive' but yea, she kept moving around my chest to get different views of my heart and taking images of it, aswell as my aorta. Then when she was done she got me to get dressed, but silly me forget to wipe the gel off me. The doctor came back in with another specialist and they went over what they found and only told me that i have a systolic heart murmur, which basically means my heart isnt pushing sufficient blood out, if ya get what i mean. Its nothing too serious, but the doctor also thinks something might be wrong with my lungs too or something,,cuz he cant explain the pains i get. So yeah, im going back to my normal doctor soon and hopefully they can find out whats wrong with me. Ciao

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